Hair loss has a strong genetic component. Research has shown that androgenetic alopecia, or AGA, is partially or heavily influenced by genetics and tied to gender. This means that males can pass the baldness trait directly to their male offspring. While the vast majority of alopecia causes are genetic, there is also an environmental aspect.

Environmental Causes of Alopecia Hair Loss

The most common form of environmental baldness is alopecia areata, which is also known as spot baldness. This condition manifests itself through patches of hair missing from the scalp as well as anywhere body hair would be present. This condition is generally caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet. Typically, the easiest way to reverse alopecia areata is to supplement the diet with healthier foods high in biotin. These include popular foods like brown rice, coconut milk, coconut oil, and condiments like black pepper and vinegar. Apple cider vinegar can be supplemented by adding 2 to 3 Tbs. of the liquid to a cup of water.

How to Supplement Diet to Fight Hair Loss

The best way to fight hair loss is through a balanced diet. Adding nontraditional foods like kelp, nori, wakame, kombu or other algae can also help to improve hair quality drastically. If Japanese food is too unusual for a dietary repertoire, nuts and legumes can also boost hair coverage. In addition to preventing or reversing hair loss, these foods can also improve thyroid health.