Using orange along with coconut and shea butter can create a fabulous homemade body butter to help keep skin moisturized and comfortable any time of year but especially in colder, dry weather. This DIY recipe is easy to make and will help to keep skin fresh and soft.

Homemade Orange Coconut Body Butter



  1. Put the coconut oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil in a bowl.
  2. Beat the ingredients with a hand mixer for a few minutes.
  3. Add the essential oils and mix for another five minutes or until mixture is fluffy.
  4. Put the body butter in a glass container with a lid.
  5. Refrigerate and use sparingly as needed.

Five Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

Humidify the bedroom

Most people spend one-third of their life in bed, so keeping the air moist in this particular room can be a big weapon against dry skin.

Drink water

It's one of those tips that appears again and again. Drinking plenty of fluids every day keeps people healthy and hydrated.

Protect skin from the elements

When individuals go outside, they should take care to wear gloves, a scarf and a hat to cover as much of their skin as possible and protect it from the harsh winter winds.

Use a moisturizer after showering

People who use their moisturizer of choice on damp skin double their benefits. The water is trapped against the skin with the moisturizer, which also works to soften and protect skin.

Apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of those products that gets forgotten in the wintertime, but it is just as protective to the skin when it's cold as when it's hot.