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Posted on Dec 3, 2022
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I got it to help my fatigue and exhaustion as I have such chronic illnesses as POTS, WPW syndrome( my cardiovascular system is in high stress level literally every minute with no recovery time, having arrhythmia+ constant tachycardia over 120bpm even on meds), autoimmune vasculitis, IBS,advanced endometriosis (and huge hormonal imbalance due to almost 10 years of hormonal therapy for it) in addition to Ehlers- Danlos syndrome. Yeah, that is the fabulous collection for 31y.o. But to be honest after several virus diseases during last 3 years all that system failures and symptoms has being dramatically increasing and I ended up at the point where I could't work for last 9 months or went outside in bad days ( I wasn't able even moving around the flat on one try). in addition to my medication my GP suggested some supplements to add in my routine as it may help me body to put it all together a bit. So, I gave it a try. And I am not regretting my decision. after even few days I noticed that it is a bit better than I used and it does do the job with my muscles ( as the CoQ10 is helping mitochondria to work and make more ATF =energy =muscle endurance), brain fog ,all general wellbeing aspects that we are not even though about until we lose it. From all of the researches I read on my taste CoQ10( in addition to good GP and PT, healthy diet) is one of the best ingredient you could choose not only for elder age but for everyone who might use such benefits as energy burst, healthy sharp brain and general antioxidant ( some researches also showed that as it helps to keep your mitochondrial energy production in a high efficient levels its might be giving your tissues ,like skin and muscles a bust) effects in one package. I do like this brand as I tried a variety of supplements from it and while it has been a good offer on CoQ10 I didn't doubt a moment in it's quality.